Case Study
New Gravel Grid Driveway Surface

Project Ref NCS002
Category Gravel Stabilisation Grids
Product ID Nidagravel 140
Technical Data Sheet

A large self-binding gravel driveway surface in Cheshire, that the homeowner was unhappy with, was removed and replaced with Nidagravel 140 gravel stabilisation grids by Creative Gardens & Driveways to provide a better gravel surface for their client.

Project Overview
This project involved the removal of an unsuitable and unattractive driveway surface, which was then replaced with Nidagravel 140 gravel stabilisation grids and a natural, local, decorative gravel. The client was unhappy with the look, performance and maintenance of the existing driveway surface, which was made up of self-binding gravel, often referred to as Breedon gravel. The existing self-binding gravel surface was being scuffed by car tyres, turning green and growing moss around the edges, was less easy to use when wet and was looking tired and worn out, even though it had not been installed many years ago. Creative Gardens & Driveways Ltd were able to complete a cost-effective refurbishment of the entire driveway surface and selected the Nidagravel 140 system combined with a new local decorative gravel for the project.

Project Information
Application: Driveway
Product ID: Nidagravel 140 Gravel Grids
Area: 700 SQM
Gravel: 10mm Golden Flint
Contractor: Creative Gardens & Driveways Ltd
Garden Designer: N/A
Location: Cheshire

Installation Details
This driveway was a relatively straightforward refurbishment project. It required the careful removal of the old surfacing layer of self-binding gravel, which was a substantial amount to remove in total. This needed the skilled use an excavator and a steady hand to ensure that the existing granite sett edgings were not disturbed and that the surface was scraped off to a consistent depth to allow for a new bedding layer and the thickness of the new Nidagravel 140 system being installed. Upon completion of the groundworks, the Nidagravel 140 grids were laid out and cut to fit. The curving layout of the driveway meant a lot of cutting was required around the perimeter edges. Fortunately, Nidagravel grids can be cut quickly and cleanly to follow a curve using an angle grinder and so this process was quickly completed by the Creative Gardens & Driveways team.

The Finished Results
The Nidagravel 140 grids combined with a local buff-coloured gravel have transformed the look of the driveway surface whilst maintaining the overall colour scheme of the driveway design and complimenting the existing silver granite sett edgings. The driveway surface is now stable, easy to use, and will remain looking good throughout its lifetime without suffering from the problems associated with the previous surface.

Quote from the Client, Chris Davis
"David and his team are without doubt the best I have ever dealt with. The speed, quality of work, tidiness, and professionalism was unreal. Genuinely if I could give them 11 out of 10, I would do so. If only every company you dealt with were like this."
Shared by David Hadley, Owner
Creative Garden & Driveways Ltd

Why choose Nidagravel grids?
Nidagravel grids have been manufactured to the highest standards by Nidaplast Honeycombs for over 35 years having originally developed the cellular gravel retention system. Nidagravel offers the best solution for a stable, 100% permeable, SuDS compliant, high-performance, and low-maintenance gravel surface for paths, driveways, and car parks. We are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions, technical support, and first-class service to our customers all over the UK.