Find a Gravel Grid Contractor In   the UKAre you looking for a contractor to install a new gravel driveway using Nidagravel gravel stabilisation grids?

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Our Contractor Link is designed to connect our customers with professional landscape and building contractors in their area to install a new Nidagravel path, patio, driveway, or car park. Nidagravel gravel grids are quick and simple to install, making them ideal for the competent self-installer, but for larger and more complicated projects, such as a detailed garden design or a large driveway, you will need the services of a professional contractor to complete all the work involved. All the contractors listed on the Contractor Link are highly skilled and experienced at installing Nidagravel grids. Many of the contractors are also members of landscaping and building associations, such as BALI and the APL. They can complete all the groundworks, sub-base preparation, edgings, paving, walling, and of course, laying your Nidagravel grids and filling them with a decorative gravel of your choice. Search for a contractor today and enjoy all the benefits of a professionally installed Nidagravel driveway.

Benefits of using Nidagravel Grids
There are a massive number of reasons to use Nidagravel and it's many benefits, here are just a few:

  • Our gravel grids create a firm and stable gravel surface with very low movement even on sloping driveways. They also prevent gravel migration in turning areas and prevent ruts and potholes from developing as the gravel is contained within the cells preventing any movement permanently.

  • Nidagravel ensures that your driveway is completely rainwater permeable. This is much better for the environment as it allows rainwater to soak into the ground naturally rather than runoff to a drain or the street, which helps reduce flash flooding during heavy downpours.

  • Our gravel grids offer a really cost-effective option for paths, driveways, and car parks when compared with other paving materials. Our gravel grids offer even greater savings when used to refurbish old and worn tarmac or concrete driveways, as with some minor base preparation Nidagravel can be laid directly on top which saves a huge amount of time and materials.

  • Nidagravel grids are completely invisible when installed and can be used with any colour gravel.