Gravel Grid Nidagravel 129

Gravel Stabilisation Grids for Paths & Small Driveways
Nidagravel 129 is a small format gravel grid designed for stabilising gravel surfaces including garden paths, patios and small driveways. Available in 4 colours - White, Grey, Black and Beige.

£11.25 per m2 + VAT

Cost per grid: £10.80 + VAT (grid size is 0.96m2)
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Gravel Stabilisation Grid for Paths, Patios & Small Driveways

Nidagravel 129 gravel grids have been specifically designed for the creation of stable, long-lasting, permeable paths and driveway surfaces using gravel. Our gravel grids are made from polypropylene with a honeycomb structure used for gravel stabilisation. The honeycomb grids, with a diameter of 49 mm, have a porous geotextile membrane bonded to the underside of the sheet using a hot-glue process. There are two overlaps of geotextile membrane on two sides of each sheet, which provide continuity of the membrane when butting sheets together during installation. Nidagravel 129 is supplied in a small format sheet size which is ideal for smaller gravel projects, DIYers, and self-installers, as the grids are compact and easier to handle, install, and transport. Our gravel stabilisation grids are UV stable and resistant to extremes or high and low temperatures. Use Nidagravel 129 to create stable gravel garden paths, small residential driveways, and off-road parking spaces.

Our multi-purpose Nidagravel 129 gravel grids are now available in a range of colours. They are still available in white as usual, but you can now order Nidagravel 129 grids in black, grey and beige.

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  • The original and best gravel stabilisation system
  • Invented, designed, tested and manufactured by Nidaplast
  • Creates a high-performance and durable gravel surface
  • Designed to be an unseen or invisible gravel stabiliser
  • Made from UV-stable polypropylene
  • The eco-friendly manufacturing process uses water recycling
  • Each sheet contains 10% recycled materials
  • 100% Free draining for a SuDS-compliant permeable surface
  • Smaller sheet size ideal for DIYers, paths and small driveways
  • Product ID: Nidagravel 129 Gravel Grid
  • Gravel grid dimensions: 1.2m x 0.8m x 29 mm (L x W x H)
  • Gravel grid coverage: 0.96 sqm per grid
  • Gravel grid thickness: 29 mm
  • Gravel grid weight empty: 1.3 kg per SQM
  • Gravel grid weight empty: 1.25 kg per grid
  • Gravel grid weight filled: 65 - 70 kg per SQM (approx.)
  • Gravel grid weight filled: 63 - 68 kg per grid (approx.)
  • Gravel grid colour: White, Black, Grey, Beige
  • Diameter of honeycombs: 49 mm
  • Compressive strength: Approx. 300 tonnes per SQM (filled)
  • Decorative gravel fill: Any decorative aggregate, gravel or chippings
  • Decorative gravel fill: Angular / Irregular shaped (recommended)
  • Decorative gravel fill size: Single Size Gravel 4/6mm (minimum)
  • Decorative gravel fill size: Single Size Gravel 10/12mm (maximum)
  • Decorative gravel fill size: Graded Gravel 4 - 12mm (range)
  • Manufacturer Nidaplast
    Brand Nidagravel
    Product ID Nidagravel 129
    Function Gravel Stabilisation
    Material Copolymer Polypropylene
    10% recycled PP
    90% high-quality PP
    Recyclable 100% Recyclable Product
    Membrane 45g (Thermally Bonded)
    Weight 1.25 kg per Grid
    1.3 kg per SQM
    Compressive Strength 300 tonnes per SQM (Filled)
    20 tonnes per SQM (Unfilled)
    Dependant on type of gravel fill
    Under compression / Load-bearing
    In accordance with ISO 844
    Durability Excellent
    Resistance to chemical substances
    Highly resistant to aggressive products
    Highly resistant to microorganisms and rodents
    Excellent UV Resistance

    The reviews below are just a sample of the customer reviews for our Nidagravel gravel stabilisation grids. To view all our gravel grid reviews please visit:

    The Nidagravel 129 made for easy handling for a small driveway. The quality of the sheets were high and no issues in filling with the 10mm gravel chosen as the finish. The 'locking in' of the gravel is spot on making maintenance of the surface quick and simple. Great product allowing me to have a driveway with piece of mind that in the unlikely event I need to access services beneath I can do so with relative ease.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    Ordered online on a Tuesday, product was delivered on Thursdays as stated. Really good email support and I'm very happy with my purchase. Would recommend.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    Good quality product, easy to lay and works perfectly on the sloping paths around my garden. Good customer service and fast delivery. Highly recommend.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    Great company! Great product! Placed the order on the Tuesday and it arrived the following morning.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    Product delivered on time. Easy to cut and lay once the base was dug out creating a firm immovable gravel surface.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    Excellent easy to lay holds gravel really well
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    My own personal drive went down so well numerous passers by have asked me to do the same for them. Can Nidagravel do me a business deal?
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    Our installation was quite complicated as it was all curved paths on a sloping site, so there was a lot of cutting involved but we managed to do it ourselves without any problems and are very pleased with the finished effect. We have received lots of compliments and everyone comments on our easy the paths are to walk on.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

    I found the product to be of superior standard and of reasonable cost when compared to other products on the market. Delivery and payment was swift and on time. I also rang for some technical advise which was readily given and very helpful. All in all very happy with the product and service.
    Verified Customer Review (taken from

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