Nidagravel gravel driveways are great for Motorbikes!

By Nidagravel UK in Driveways Tuesday, February 02, 2021

A stable gravel surface for motorbike riders
Traditionally, loose gravel surfaces and motorbikes, especially sports bikes and road bikes, don't go together particularly well! Nidagravel dramatically improves the stability of a gravel driveway making it much easier to ride on than a traditional gravel surface. Gravel is a much more attractive surface than tarmac or block paving and for rural, countryside or period properties - gravel is the most appropriate surface for the property and location. But if you ride a motorbike, you may be put off having a gravel driveway as it can be difficult to ride on and the problems associated with traditional gravel driveways over time, such as pot holes, ruts and banks of gravel make the surface even harder to ride on safely. The very last thing you want after a great ride out is to get home and low side your bike as you put it in the garage.

Nidagravel is the solution to creating a stable, firm gravel driveway for motorbike riders that is much easier and safer to ride on. The gravel is held in thousands on small hexagonal cells with prevent the gravel front moving and the surface layer of gravel which hides the stabilising sheets is a maximum of 15 - 20mm deep. This depth is sufficient to hide the sheets and create a pristine gravel surface, but it all lays in friction with the gravel beneath and does not move. There surface therefore has very low gravel migration and is easy to maintain.

A short video about riding on gravel. Most riders know not to grab a handful of front break when riding on gravel, but there are a few useful tips.

  • Nidagravel creates a firm gravel surface to ride on
  • The Nidagravel gravel surface is stable with low movement
  • Pot holes, ruts and gravel banking are prevented with Nidagravel
  • Prevents mounds of gravel forming in turning areas
  • Motorbike side stand will not sink in to surface
  • Nidagravel gives the rider greater confidence in the gravel surface
  • Makes pushing a motorbike much easier
  • 100% free draining with no frozen patches to worry about in winter