Gravel Grids for Garden Designers

By Nidagravel« UK in Garden Design Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Don't let the gravel surface let your project down - use Nidagravel to stabilise it!
Gravel is a fantastic natural material. It is the perfect choice of surface for many garden and landscape designs. It's natural, free draining, comes in a great choice of colour and texture, follows curves and contours better than many other materials. It's cost effective too, especially when used on large areas. So gravel is an excellent surface choice selected by garden designers and landscape architects, BUT it does have some drawbacks. It has the nasty habit of moving around and not staying in place. Laid to thickly it can be difficult to walk on, let alone provide access for someone in a wheelchair. So the solution is to stabilise it and Nidagravel does this job very well indeed. Nidagravel provides a honeycomb cell structure to hold the gravel in place, transforming the performance of the surface in every situation. Using Nidagravel for a pathway makes walking on the surface much easier and enjoyable for pedestrians, wheelchair users can now use the surface too. Cyclists can use it easily and it's no longer an issue for pushing prams and buggies. A Nidagravel pathway now offers excellent performance, so it can be used for care homes, schools, hospitals, parks and gardens. This opens up the options of where you can now use gravel effectively.

We have a range of stabilisers designed for a range of applications from garden pathways to commercial car parks. If you design gardens and landscapes we recommend specifying Nidagravel products to ensure a high quality stabiliser is used to create a high performance gravel surface.

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