Gravel Grids for Garden Designers

By Nidagravel UK in Garden Design Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Don't let the gravel surface let your project down - use Nidagravel gravel grids to stabilise the surface.

Gravel is a fantastic natural material. It is the perfect choice of surface for many garden and landscape designs. It's natural, free-draining, and comes in a great choice of colours and textures. Gravel follows curves and contours much better than many other materials and it's cost-effective too, especially when dealing with larger spaces and driveways. Gravel is an excellent surface choice selected by garden designers and landscape architects for a huge range of projects, but it does have one small drawback, which can put a designer or client off using gravel for a surface. When gravel is installed in the traditional way (ie. laid loose directly on top of the sub-base) it has the nasty habit of moving around and not staying in place. Laid too thickly it can be difficult to walk on, let alone provide access for someone in a wheelchair. Use the wrong type of gravel for a driveway and it will never stay put for long. So the solution is to stabilise the gravel using a gravel grid and Nidagravel gravel stabilisation systems do this job very well indeed. Nidagravel grids provide a honeycomb cell structure to hold the gravel in place, transforming the performance of the surface in every situation. Using Nidagravel grids for a pathway makes walking on the surface much easier and enjoyable for pedestrians and wheelchair users can now use the surface too. Cyclists can use it easily and it's no longer an issue for pushing prams and buggies. A Nidagravel pathway offers excellent stability, so it can be used for care homes, schools, hospitals, parks, and gardens. This opens up the options of where you can now use gravel effectively. When designing gravel driveways, Nidagravel grids offer a number of important benefits, including the option to stabilise gravel effectively on a sloping driveway. Our driveway grids also prevent potholes, ruts, and gravel migration from happening around the turning areas. Easy to drive on, easy to walk on, and easy to maintain - all our customers comment on how good a Nidagravel driveway is and that they are happy they made the decision to stabilise the driveway.

Gravel Stabilisation Grid Range
All our grids have multi-purpose uses, so we have a grid to suit every project.
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Case Studies
View some lovely case studies showcasing some great projects by garden designers and landscapers.
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We have a range of stabilisers designed for a range of applications from garden pathways and driveways to commercial car parks. If you design gardens and landscapes we highly recommend specifying Nidagravel products to ensure a high-quality gravel or grass stabilisation grid is used to create a high-performance surface that all clients will enjoy using and reap the benefits Nidagravel grids bring to a project.


Need to discuss using gravel grids in a garden design?
If you would like to discuss specifying Nidagravel gravel grids for a project, would like to know more about gravel grid installation, or have some more general questions - please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Planning a Show Garden at an RHS Flower Show?
If you are designing a show garden at an RHS Flower Show such as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, or the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show and are planning on incorporating a gravel surface within your design. Please get in touch. We are happy to get involved with show garden projects, especially if they are connected with raising the awareness of a charity or good cause. If the public will have access to the garden during show week, using Nidagravel grids on the project will ensure the gravel surface is stable underfoot and accessible for visitors with wheelchairs.
RHS Tatton Park Flower Show - Case Study: The Rehearse Garden

Do you require gravel grid samples to show your clients?
It often helps to see the real thing! If you would like to order some gravel and grass grid samples to show your clients when discussing the palette of materials to be used in a design, please let us know - we'll happily send you a box of Nidagravel samples.
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