Gravel Grid Driveway with Nidagravel 130 Grids

By Nidagravel UK in Driveways Friday, March 04, 2022

Nidagravel Gravel Grids - The best way to stabilise a gravel driveway

Nidagravel 130 is the best gravel grid to use for stabilising large or small residential gravel driveways. The large-format sheet size of 2m long x 1.2m wide is the largest size gravel gird available in the UK. At 2.4 SQM per sheet, the lightweight, but exceptionally strong Nidagravel 130 grids are quick to lay and cut to shape enabling large driveways to be installed quickly and ready to use. As soon as the Nidagravel 130 grids are laid and filled, they are ready to drive on immediately. Made from a lightweight but durable polypropylene material, Nidagravel 130 can be cut to fit any shape, curve, angle, or pattern. Once the sheets are laid out and cut to fit, it is time to fill the sheets with 10/12mm decorative gravel or chipping to create the perfect gravel driveway. Whether you are a professional landscape or building contractor or a DIYer that likes to complete their own home improvements - you will find that Nidagravel 130 is simple to install and you will be impressed with the finished surface.

Gravel Grid Driveway Case Studies
Take a look at some great gravel grid projects completed by landscaping contractors around the country using our Nidagravel 130 grids to effectively stabilise gravel driveways.
Case Studies

Customers can order their Nidagravel 130 gravel grids securely online or contact the Nidagravel UK sales team. Our hugely popular range of gravel stabilisers are always in stock with express delivery to your door in 48 hours from placing your order. Don't put up with potholes, ruts in your driveway, or messy gravel anymore - order your Nidagravel 130 gravel grids today and create a great-looking, high-performance gravel driveway to be proud of!

Why use Nidagravel Gravel Grids
Find out more about the benefits of using Nidgravel

  • Use Nidagravel 130 for sloping driveways up to 15%
  • Prevents ruts and potholes from developing
  • Creates a firm and stable drive surface
  • 100% permeable requiring no additional drainage work
  • Great for motorbikes, bicycles and pushchairs
  • Easy to walk on without sinking in
  • Ideal for wheelchair users and disabled access