Nidagravel Gravel Grid Driveway vs Block Paved Driveway

By Nidagravel UK in Gravel Driveways Friday, August 21, 2020

Nidagravel Grid Driveway - 1 | Block Paved Driveway - 0

One-nil to Nidagravel grids, hooray. Well, we were always going to be a tiny, weeny bit biased here weren't we - it is our product after all. But all joking aside, there are some basic facts and general things to consider that we think make Nidagravel gravel grids a much better choice for your driveway than block paving.

The advantage of installing a Nidagravel gravel grid driveway:

  • Nidagravel creates a firm stable surface for all users
  • 100% water permeable surface, without the need for expensive drainage works
  • Good for the environment allowing rainwater to percolate through to the ground and reducing run off
  • Gravel is a natural material and available in a range of colours and textures that will never fade
  • Nidagravel driveways are quick to install than block paving
  • Nidagravel driveways can be installed by DIYers using simple tools
  • Nidagravel honeycomb sheets use less carbon that concrete block paving in their production
  • Nidagravel driveways are cost effective to install compared to block paving
  • Nidagravel driveways are easy to maintain and will never sink like block paving does
  • Nidagravel driveways suit rural properties better than block paving