Park your Range Rover on a Nidagravel Driveway

By Nidagravel« UK in Driveways Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Just another excuse to show a nice looking Range Rover!

We are often asked if our Nidagravel stabilisers, when used for stabilising gravel on a driveway, will be strong enough for a Land Rover, a Range Rover or large modern 4x4 to drive and park on. The answer, of course, is Yes! Our gravel stabilisers once installed and filled with gravel have extremely high compressive strengths and are capable of withstanding far greater loads than your average Range Rover. In fact, you could park quite a few range rovers on top of each other and your Nidagravel driveway would be quite happy.

The new Range Rover Sport weights in at approx 2,144kg. That means you could park over 100 of these on top of each other on a Nidagravel 130 driveway without a event causing a dent (providing the sub-base underneath was specified to take the load). Now there's a challenge for Top Gear. If anyone succeeds with this experiment, we would love to see the photos!

Note: In the interests of Health & Safety we would not recommend anyone attempting to test this theory.