No.1 Brand of Gravel Stabilisation Grids

By Nidagravel® UK in Company News Thursday, November 30, 2017

The No.1 Brand of Gravel Stabilisers
Our honeycomb gravel grids carry the Nidagravel® logo - a mark of quality.

The Nidagravel® range of honeycomb gravel stabilisation products includes Nidagravel® 129, Nidagravel® 130 and Nidagravel® 140. The Nidagravel® range of gravel stabilisation grids are designed and manufactured by Nidaplast in France and distributed in the UK by Nidagravel® UK. All Nidagravel® gravel stabilizers are manufactured to the highest standards with strict quality control and continual testing to ensure our customers receive high quality gravel grids every time. Our honeycomb gravel stabilisers all have a weed suppressing membrane thermally bonded to the underside of each sheet in production. On our two large format grids, Nidagravel® 130 for driveways and Nidagravel® 140 for commercial applications - the Nidagravel® logo, which is a worldwide registered trademark, is printed along the edge of the membrane. On Nidagravel® 129, our small format sheet for pathways and small projects - the Nidagravel® logo is printed onto the outer edge of the honeycomb cells.

You can be confident you are specifying the best gravel stabilisation grids for your project when you choose Nidagravel® - make sure your honeycomb stabilisers say Nidagravel® on the side!

  • Nidagravel® is the No.1 brand of gravel stabilisers
  • The Nidagravel® name and logo are worldwide registered trademarks of Nidaplast
  • Nidagravel® is manufactured by Nidaplast, the world leaders in plastic honeycomb sheet production
  • The original and best honeycomb gravel stabilisation grids