Up the gravel garden path with Nidagravel 129

By Nidagravel« UK in Garden Design Monday, July 09, 2018

Nidagravel 129 is the ideal honeycomb gravel stabiliser for garden paths

Gravel pathways make excellent garden path surfaces. The combination of different gravel types and edgings means that no two gravel paths will look the same. Whether you edge your gravel path with rustic bricks, clay paviors, treated timber or metal edgings like Everedge, which is available in a variety of colours - your gravel surface will be greatly improved by using Nidagravel 129 to stabilise the decorative aggregate surface. The firm, free draining surface that Nidagravel 129 creates makes walking along gravel garden paths a pleasure and allows gardeners to push their wheelbarrows along the pathways without getting stuck, even the fully loaded with compost.

When designing or creating curving pathways in your garden, using gravel is a practical and sensible choice. Gravel easily follows the curves of the path, unlike concrete or natural stone paving, which requires a lot of cutting and therefore time, to form a curving path. Using Nidagravel 129 for your curving gravel path is also very simple. It's lightweight, easy to handle and easy to cut by hand to any curve or radius using a hand saw, snips or a disc cutter. The honeycomb sheets are also designed to be hidden by a surface layer of gravel and so do not spoil the design aesthetic of the garden.

Nidagravel 129 works very well for paths in formal gardens, knot gardens and vegetable gardens, as invariably gravel in these situations need to be both level and firm. When laying out a formal or knot garden featuring gravel paths lined with box hedging mixed with formal lawns and topiary, Nidagravel 129 can be used to help achieve flat, level path surfaces to compliment the formal layout. The gravel will also lay flat permanently and the honeycomb cells keep the gravel looking neat and tidy, which is very much in keeping with formal garden styles. For vegetable gardens, Nidagravel 129 is an excellent surface choice for the busy gardener. Vegetable gardens are busy areas of the garden, especially in spring and autumn when planting and harvesting fruit and veg. The pathways around vegetable gardens need to be accessed in all weathers, so it's important the surface works well. Nidagravel 129 creates a free draining surface that is easy to walk on and more importantly, push heavy wheel barrows along. If you are creating raised vegetable beds for wheelchair users, then Nidagravel 129 provides the perfect gravel surfaces for wheelchairs users to access their gardens.

So if your are creating a new gravel path - use Nidagravel 129 for a smart and practical surface.

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