Park Your Lexus LC 500 on a Nidagravel Driveway

By Nidagravel« UK in Driveways Monday, July 09, 2018

This really is just an excuse to show the rather stunning Lexus LC 500 sports car with its aggressive front end body styling! Nice colour too.

The LC 500 is a high performance sports car and like the LC 500, Nidagravel stabilisers are used to create the ultimate, high performance gravel driveway. The Nidagravel honeycomb system holds gravel in place to create a gravel driveway that is firm, stable and 100% permeable. A gravel driveway where the gravel stays in place and will not suffer from ruts, potholes or gravel build build up at the edges. We think that great sport cars look best parked on a beautiful gravel driveway stabilised with Nidagravel 130 or 140 honeycomb driveway grids - browse the website to discover more.

Click here to view Nidagravel 130 our recommended product for private and residential driveways.

Click here to visit the Lexus website and see the LC 500 in action.