Use Nidagravel gravel grids for your gravel patio

By Nidagravel« UK in Garden Design Tuesday, June 18, 2019

With a Nidagravel patio you can change colour whenever you like
When it comes to the patio area of the garden, most people in the UK look towards concrete or stone paving as the material of choice to provide a nice seating area. But with our Nidagravel gravel stabilisers you can create a lovely gravel patio that is stable and firm. Garden tables, chairs, loungers and BBQ's can be placed on a Nidagravel gravel grid surface without sinking and the natural gravel surface finish is easy to walk on. Nidagravel grids are also free draining and easy to look after providing you with a low maintenance and attractive patio. With the wide range of 10mm decorative gravels available today, it would also be possible to quickly and simply change the colour of your gravel patio whenever you wanted. All you would need to do is remove and replace the surface layer of gravel that sits on top of the Nidagravel grids and suddenly you have a whole new look to your garden, with minimal cost and effort required!

Whether you have a small seating area or a large garden terrace, we have a gravel stabilisation grid to suit. For a small area of gravel we recommend our Nidagravel 129 gravel grids as they are easy to handle and each grid covers approx 1 sqm. If you have a larger gravel terrace to install, then our large Nidagravel 130 grid would be quick to install.

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