Gravel Driveways and Barn Conversions

By Nidagravel UK in Gravel Driveways Friday, November 10, 2023

Gravel Driveway + Barn Conversion = Perfect Match
Gravel driveways and barn conversions are like strawberries and cream or tea and cake or peanut butter and gherkins (ok, well maybe not that one) but barn conversions and gravel driveways are made for each other.

Converted barns are full of character and quirky details which we absolutely love. Their agricultural heritage more often than not adds age and a beautiful patina to old timbers, brick, and stonework. Old Norfolk pantile roof tiles and clay peg tiles can often be found on original timber-frame barn roofs which just cannot be replicated.

Another lovely thing about converted old barns is that they are all different and there are different styles of barn construction depending on where you are in the country. Black barns found in Suffolk and Essex feature black timber cladding and a mix of red clay pantile roofs. In Norfolk, you can find barn walls constructed of brick and beach pebbles or brick and carstone. In Northamptonshire, you will find some fine examples of barns built with ironstone and limestone walls with beautiful old quoins and a range of interesting stonework details.

The traditional construction and use of local, natural materials make a gravel driveway the perfect choice of surface to compliment a beautifully converted barn. There are gravel quarries all around the UK and if you use the local gravel in your area you should find it's a great match with the materials used in your barn.

But if you have spent time and energy renovating your barn you don't want to just throw some gravel at the sub-base and hope for the best. Oh no, that's not for the discerning barn owner or barn builder! What you need is to set out the sweeping shape of the driveway carefully, get the levels just right, and choose the right edging to fit in with your barn. You also want to use a tried and tested gravel stabilisation system to not only keep your gravel in place but make using the driveway a pleasure. A gravel grid system that is completely unseen so it does not spoil the traditional setting, and a gravel grid system that meets sustainable drainage requirements and reduces surface run-off. The gravel stabilisation system you need is Nidagravel.
Take a look at our range of gravel stabilisers

We have a range of gravel stabilisation grids for your driveway to suit all types of barn renovation projects. Our gravel grids suit a wide range of gravel types up to 20mm in size and we have some extra heavy-duty options if that's required. Our gravel grid system is easy to install and we guarantee you will be pleased with the results and how effectively they stabilise gravel surfaces.

Take a look at this case study
A great example of how good a Nidagravel driveway looks against this renovated barn in Oxfordshire.
New Nidagravel grid driveway for barn conversion

All the projects shown in the above images have been completed by developers, construction companies, and landscape contractors all over the UK, and each driveway shown is stabilised with Nidagravel gravel stabilisation grids - please feel free to contact us for more project details.