Gravel Grid Driveway Installation in Dorset by Wycliffe Landscapes

By Nidagravel UK in Gravel Driveways Friday, December 02, 2022

Gravel Driveway installation in Dorset by Wycliffe Landscapes

Gravel driveways really do suit any type of property and gravel is a particularly good option for large sweeping driveways as not only does it give a classic look and you get to enjoy the crunch of gravel underfoot - but it's also a great choice for the environment and more cost effective than any other material for surfacing a driveway. When you add Nidagravel grids to your gravel driveway construction you instantly stabilise loose gravel making the surface much easier to use along with a whole host of other benefits. To find out more about the range of benefits that Nidagravel gravel grids offer click here.

Wycliffe Landscapes Ltd, who are based in Bournemouth and complete garden landscaping and driveway projects across Dorset understand the advantages of using Nidagravel grids and the benefits they bring to their customers. They build fantastic gardens to very high standards and use the latest landscaping products to ensure that the hard-landscaped areas look great, perform well, are easy to maintain, and stand the test of time. This is why Wycliffe Landscapes use Nidagravel grids for all their gravel driveway, path, patio installations because our gravel grids keep gravel in place permanently.

Martin Gomm, owner of Wycliffe Landscapes Ltd says:
"Nidagravel is a great company to work with. Ordering is simple and delivery really quick. The products are really simple to install, long-lasting and we have happy clients every time we install Nidagravel"

If you live in the Dorset area and are looking for professional landscapers to design and build your garden and a Nidagravel gravel driveway then get in touch with Wycliffe Landscapes to discuss your project.

So why is a Nidagravel driveway better for the environment? Well, despite our gravel grids being made of plastic, we do use 30% recycled plastic in the production of our honeycomb gravel grids, and our heavy-duty gravel grids and grass grids are made with 100% recycled plastic, this is a great way to use up some of the millions of tonnes of single-use plastics us humans generate every year. Our Nidagravel grids create a long-term stable gravel surface that is completely permeable. This rainwater permeability aspect is really helpful in preventing runoff from driveway surfaces and stopping rainwater from going into the stormwater sewage system, which is being overwhelmed during periods of heavy rainfall in the UK as a result of global warming. Nidagravel driveways allow rainwater to naturally soak away into the ground and help to top up natural groundwater levels. A Nidagravel gravel driveway also uses gravel (no surprise there then) which is a natural product with a lower carbon footprint than man-made block paving and other concrete paving products which generate much more Co2 in production and transportation.

Take a look at this fantastic Nidagravel gravel driveway installed by the team at Wycliffe Landscapes Ltd
Large Gravel Grid Driveway Case Study

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