Grand Design Gravel Grid Driveway

By Nidagravel UK in Case Studies Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Project Ref NCS004
Category Gravel Stabilisation Grids
Product ID Nidagravel 140
Technical Data Sheet

A new build, architect-designed, contemporary healthy house featuring a Nidagravel gravel grid driveway as seen on Grand Designs.

Project Overview
This project focuses on the construction of a brand new self-build property on a garden plot in Richmond, London, and follows the journey of the owners in bringing the project to life, closely followed by Kevin McCloud and shown on Channel 4?s property programme Grand Designs. The architect-designed house is contemporary in style and features a filtration system to purify the air inside the building. In addition to building the property, extensive landscaping works were completed including excavations for a sunken garden patio, terracing, steps, gabion walling, and of course a new driveway. The entrance to the property was surfaced in a combination of permeable block paving for the driveway section leading into the site and the garden designer selected our gravel grids combined with a golden gravel for the large gravel parking area stabilised with Nidagravel 140 to the front of the house. The natural gravel driveway sets off the building beautifully and enhances the modern facade of crisp white render and timber cladding.

Project Information
Application: Driveway
Product ID: Nidagravel 140 gravel grids
Area: Approx 195 SQM
Gravel: 10mm Golden Gravel
Contractor: Gardenart Ltd & Landscape Artisan Ltd
Garden Designer: Ellen Gordon
Location: Richmond, London

Installation Details
The landscape contractors had a number of issues to contend with on this project, not least having to work around a building under construction and around all the other trades busy working on-site to complete the project on schedule. In addition to this, there was also a film crew regularly filming the progress of the build for Grand Designs and the final stages of the project were completed in winter, which meant bad weather and a wet, muddy site. In spite of the difficulties, the landscapers were able to complete the project on time with the driveway being the last item to be completed as they worked their way out of the site. Fortunately, laying Nidagravel grids is not weather dependent and freezing temperatures are not an issue. The large sheet size and lightweight grids also mean installation is fast and as soon as the grids are filled with gravel the surface is ready to use straight away, which is very handy when contractors are up against a completion deadline.

The Finished Results
Arriving at the property, the driveway entrance is surfaced in block paving which then opens out to a large gravel parking area stabilised with Nidagravel 140, which compliments the modern facade of the building and the Siberian larch cladding. The use of a golden gravel warms and lightens the space and creates the perfect entrance from which to enter this beautify designed and landscaped contemporary home.

Quote from the Presenter
"Beauty is not skin deep, it really comes from within - so just imagine what this place can now offer Born, Elinor, and their kids - they can thrive here"
Kevin McCloud, Presenter
Channel 4, Grand Designs

Why choose Nidagravel grids?
Nidagravel grids have been manufactured to the highest standards by Nidaplast Honeycombs for over 35 years having originally developed the cellular gravel retention system. Nidagravel offers the best solution for a stable, 100% permeable, SuDS compliant, high performance, and low-maintenance gravel surface for paths, driveways, and car parks. We are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions, technical support, and first-class service to our customers all over the UK.