Linear Paving and Gravel Garden Design

By Nidagravel UK in Case Studies Friday, October 14, 2022

Project Ref NCS008
Category Gravel Stabilisation Grids
Product ID Nidagravel 140
Technical Data Sheet

A beautiful and complicated garden design, expertly executed by Terra Nova Landscapes includes the perfect mix of linear granite paving and gravel, stabilised with our gravel grids.

Project Overview
A stunning modern garden design was created for this urban garden in Cheshire. The beautiful design was laid out in an L-shape around the house and on various levels using a complementary palette of materials including Cor-Ten steel features, grey granite paving, silver granite chippings, and a mixed planting scheme. The garden also features beautiful bespoke seating laid out around a Cor-Ten fire pit and surrounded with bespoke Cor-Ten steel garden screens. The design has used a mix of linear granite paving and granite chippings in part of the garden to great effect, creating an interesting texture and dynamic to the space. Nidagravel grids were selected to stabilise the gravel sections in the design to ensure the gravel is just as easy to walk over as the paved areas and to ensure minimal movement of the gravel over time. Nidagravel grids were also used to create firm gravel steps leading into the garden. The gravel sections are retained with metal edging to provide crisp modern lines to finish off the hard landscaping.

Project Information
Application: Garden Patio
Product ID: Nidagravel 140 Gravel Grids
Area: Approx 50 SQM
Gravel: 10 - 20mm Silver Granite Chippings
Contractor: Terra Nova Landscapes LLP
Garden Designer: N/A
Location: Cheshire

Installation Details
A sharply detailed modern garden laid out over multiple levels using a mix of hard landscaping materials is a complicated garden to construct well. Ensuring that the junctions between materials look right and the level changes are correct are important details. Terra Nova Landscapes have excelled with the construction of this garden and the attention to detail. With the focus of getting the details and surface finishes just right, Terra Nova Landscapes selected Nidagravel 140 gravel grids to stabilise the silver granite chippings used in this design. Whilst Nidagravel grids are easy to cut to shape, it is clear the landscapers have gone the extra mile and carefully cut the grids to ensure everything is properly stabilised. Nidagravel 140 was chosen for this project as the depth of grids worked out well with the levels around the granite paving and was the correct grid to select for the size of granite chippings used.

The Finished Results
The combination of a great design for this space and the high quality of landscaping executed by Terra Nova Landscapes have delivered a beautiful garden that really shows the attention to detail the landscapers have given to this lovely project.

Quote from the Landscapers
"We're really pleased with this fantastic garden and
so are our clients"
Nick Boulton, Landscaper
Terra Nova Landscapes

Why choose Nidagravel grids?
Nidagravel grids have been manufactured to the highest standards by Nidaplast Honeycombs for over 35 years having originally developed the cellular gravel retention system. Nidagravel offers the best solution for a stable, 100% permeable, SuDS compliant, high-performance, and low-maintenance gravel surface for paths, driveways, and car parks. We are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions, technical support, and first-class service to our customers all over the UK.