Concrete Driveway Re-surfaced

By Nidagravel UK in Case Studies Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Project Ref NCS006
Category Gravel Stabilisation Grids
Product ID Nidagravel 140
Technical Data Sheet

A period property with a concrete driveway and courtyard undergoes a transformation into a beautiful gravel driveway and front garden thanks to Nidagravel gravel stabilisation grids and the landscaping skills of MWD Landscapes.

Project Overview
The driveway area of this lovely period property in Gloucestershire posed a problem for its owners. How to cost-effectively re-surface a large old and worn concrete driveway and courtyard? MWD Landscapes offered their clients the perfect solution with our Nidagravel 140 gravel grids, which can be laid on top of a concrete base in order to create a stable gravel surface. Instead of incurring the large expense of breaking out a large area of old concrete slab, removing it from site and installing a new sub-base. The old concrete driveway provided a solid base and therefore MWD Landscapes were able to lay the Nidagravel 140 grids directly on top of the concrete driveway and install new edgings. Nidagravel grids offered a more cost-effective option which not only saved their clients a considerable sum but created a beautiful gravel driveway to complement their period house.

Project Information
Application: Driveway & Courtyard
Product ID: Nidagravel 140 Gravel Grids
Area: Approx 500 SQM
Gravel: 20mm Cotswold Shingle
Contractor: MWD Landscapes
Garden Designer: N/A
Location: Gloucestershire

Installation Details
In addition to providing a cost-effective solution in keeping with the property. The Nidagravel grid system was quick to install due to the large sheet size and the limited work required to the concrete base. The thickness of the gravel grid system was also important as the contractors had to work to the existing site levels. In addition, Nidagravel grids are 100% permeable allowing rainwater to drain through the grids to reach the existing drainage points. Where the existing slab was uneven in places, the contractors were able to adjust the levels to ensure the new surface looked perfect. MWD Landscapes installed new granite sett edgings to the driveway entrance to retain the edges and used additional topsoil and grass seed to blend in the new driveway level to the existing lawns. 20mm Cotswold shingle was chosen for the driveway which is a great colour with the local stone and ideal for use with Nidagravel 140 grids.

The finished results
The difference between the old uneven concrete surface and the new beautiful gravel driveway and courtyard is dramatic. It's amazing what a skilled landscape contractor can do with our Nidagravel grids to enable a superb cost-effective transformation.

Quote from the Landscapers
"Lovely transformation. We had great fun on this project working for a great client."
Mike Dempsey, Landscaper
MWD Landscapes

Why choose Nidagravel grids?
Nidagravel grids have been manufactured to the highest standards by Nidaplast Honeycombs for over 35 years having originally developed the cellular gravel retention system. Nidagravel offers the best solution for a stable, 100% permeable, SuDS compliant, high performance, and low-maintenance gravel surface for paths, driveways, and car parks. We are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions, technical support, and first-class service to our customers all over the UK.