New Nidagravel Car Park for Private Estate

By Nidagravel« UK in Car Parks Thursday, October 20, 2022

A construction company based in Maidenhead has recently completed the installation of a large gravel car park for a client in Berkshire using Nidagravel 130 gravel stabilisation grids. The gravel car park was designed to accommodate approx 40 - 50 cars allowing plenty of room for each parking space and for reversing and turning along with a generous entrance to allow good access. In order for the new car parking area to fit in with its surroundings, a gravel surface was decided upon for its natural appearance and Nidagravel gravel stabilisation grids were selected as the best product for the project by the building contractors.

The car park involved a large amount of groundworks to prepare the sub-base correctly as the ground originally twisted and undulated in all directions. A large volume of sub-base material was required to build levels up in certain areas of the site. The sub-base was carefully compacted in several layers and geo-textile membranes were used as part of the base build-up. A heavy-duty steel edging was used as the edge restraint for the perimeter of the car park, this was pinned in place and then concreted into position to provide a durable and robust edging. Additional building and landscaping works were also required as part of the project. The Nidagravel grids were delivered to site and then laid out, cut to fit and then filled with a natural, hard-wearing limestone chipping in golden buff colour, which was supplied directly by the quarry to site especially for the project. The finished gravel car park looks superb, with all the hard landscape detailing finished to an extremely high standard by the contractors ensuring that their clients were delighted with their new parking area.

Commenting on the project, Director Ron Wilson commented that: "The whole project worked out extremely well and has given an excellent result'

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