Amazing Architecture - Hill of The Budha

By Nidagravel UK in Architecture & Design Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Sometimes you see an example of architecture that takes your breath away. The Hill of the Budha does just that. The huge Budha, which is impressive in itself, sat within a Japanese cemetery for 15 years, before it was re-imagined by Tadao Ando, with a brief to give visitors a more serene appreciation of the Budha. The effect of the lavender covered mound to conceal the statue is stunning and the use of concrete for pretty much the rest of the construction works so well. The whole project is so impressive, it almost seems otherworldly and wouldn't be out of place in a James Bond movie. If you were planning a trip to Japan to see the cherry blossom, then the Hill of the Budha would also have to be a must-see.