The 'Honeycombs' Gravel Grids

By Nidagravel UK in Company News Friday, November 10, 2023

Have I The Right - The Honeycombs 1964
What a treat for the ears!

Here at Nidagravel UK HQ, we are well known for supplying honeycomb gravel stabilisation grids across the UK to DIY customers, landscapers, housing developers, building contractors, garden designers, architects - in fact, anyone that wants to create a firm, stable gravel surface that's 100% rainwater permeable and helps with SuDS and environmentally friendly drainage. But, when you work with hexagonal and honeycomb gravel grids all day, you begin to see honeycombs everywhere - and what's more worrying is that we're now hearing them too!!!

There is a little story behind the song 'Have I The Right' by the appropriately named 'The honeycombs'. One afternoon, when a consignment of Nidagravel was being collected from our warehouse, the collection driver walked into the warehouse whistling this tune. Our warehouse manager asked him what he was whistling and it turns out that it was Have I The Right, by The Honeycombs. What are the chances of that? What's more, that same driver is also the lead vocalist and guitarist in a band and they play this song regularly when playing 60's covers in pubs and clubs around the country. (True Story)

And that's how a video clip from The Honeycombs appears on our website. We're absolutely loving The Honeycombs (they even have a female drummer) and we think this track is a bit of a grower - listen to it 3 times in a row and you'll be tapping your feet and humming along in no time! Certainly puts a smile on your face!

Come on everyone - 'Have I the right to hold know I've always told you...' Everyone clap your hands.

By the way, we also supply some very effective, high quality gravel stabilisation systems so please feel free to browse our range of gravel (and grass) grids whilst you're here. Order online or call the sales team if you need any help.

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