Nice Stabilised Gravel Grid Driveway

By Nidagravel UK in Driveways Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Hello Nidagravel

Just to let you know the drive is completed and looks great. The product is definitely the best on the market. Many thanks for the amazing service.

Kind Regards

What a fantastic email to receive from one of our customers! You can imagine how delighted we were to read this email and see several photographs of the finished Nidagravel stabilised gravel driveway. Thank you very much to Danny for taking the time to email us this great feedback. This gravel driveway is approximately 75 square meters in size and was installed using Nidagravel 130 stabilisation grids and then filled with a 10mm golden gravel. This gravel driveway project was installed by the customer themselves, not by a professional landscaping or building contractor and we think Danny has done an excellent job. This gravel driveway project clearly demonstrates how simple and straightforward it is to install your own Nidagravel driveway.

Danny ordered his Nidagravel 130 securely online via the Nidagravel UK website and his order was delivered within 48 hours of the order being placed online. We know Danny is delighted with his new driveway and we're sure all our new customers will also be delighted with our gravel stabilisation range and customer service.

If you are thinking of installing or renewing a gravel driveway, use Nidagravel grids to stabilise your gravel surface, even on sloping driveways and enjoy the many benefits our gravel stabilisers bring. You can even use our gravel reinforcement grids to refurbish an existing concrete or tarmac driveway - the grids are laid on top of the concrete or tarmac driveway after some base preparation has been completed and then filled with gravel. This can provide customers with a very cost-effective option. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with the finished gravel surface. Should you require any advice on installing your Nidagravel gravel grids please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.

Thanks again to Danny for the kind review!