Vevo Halloween 2016 Bug Bar

By Nidagravel UK in Exhibitions & Events Sunday, February 13, 2022

Vevo Halloween 2016 was held a few days ago at Bramley Moore Dock, Liverpool and featured a line up of bands including Jack Garrett and Zara Larsson. The event organised by music streaming company, Vevo, was obviously Halloween inspired and featured a theme of facing your phobias and your deepest fears! Which, along with clowns, rats and snakes - also included BUGS! Specialist exhibition and event scenery designers Colin Holden Associates were tasked with creating 'The Bug Bar' for the event. The creative and talented team at Colin Holden Associates came up with a great design for the bar and contacted Nidagravel UK for some of our honeycomb sheets to help create the bug themed installation. We were delighted to help and supplied a quantity of Nidagravel 129 as quickly as possible to meet the teams deadline. Colin Holden Associates actually created three different bars for the event, including the Bug Bar. The top of the Bug Bar was constructed using perspex trays which contained real, live bugs! including locusts, black crickets, mealybugs and cockroaches (hmmm, sounds delicious!). The Nidagravel sheets were used to create the look of inside a beehive, amongst other things. Quite appropriate really, because our brand name Nidagravel comes from the french word nid d'abeille - meaning bee's honeycomb.

We'd like to thank Nancy at Colin Holden Associates for the great photos of Vevo Halloween 2016. The project obviously involved a lot of planning and hard work for Colin Holden Associates and we think the Bug Bar looks absolutely fantastic!

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