Solar Car Parks - The Future

By Nidagravel« UK in Car Parks Friday, June 16, 2017

Solar Car Parks & Eco Car Parks - The Car Parks of the Future
The future is bright for car parks of tomorrow. Solar car parks incorporate a range of solar canopies to provide a clean, green source of energy. What better place to charge your hybrid or electric vehicle. The option to plug in and charge your car whilst doing your shopping or going to work makes perfect sense. Solar canopies in car parks in addition to generating energy offer other benefits to car park users, including protection from the rain, sun and better, low energy lighting options.

Perhaps the future for these over looked spaces should not just be the solar car park, but the eco car park, that incorporates green technology and building materials. Using Nidagravel gravel stabilisation sheets for the surface of car parking bays would be another step in the right direction. Nidagravel parking bays provide large free draining surface areas ideal for taking run off from hard surfaces and incorporating soakaways for run off from solar canopies. This reduces storm water run off from car park hard surfaces and alleviates the pressure on sewers and drainage during heavy rainfall. In urban areas this is especially important.

What else could an eco car park benefit from? Some more green energy in the form of wind turbines, smart lighting to save even more energy and switch off when not required, tree planting, green roofs, rainwater harvesting and more.

Below is an example of solar canopies for car parks designed and manufactured by Belectric.