Permeable Surface For Car Parks

By Nidagravel UK in Car Parks Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Permeable Surface Solution for Car Parks from Nidagravel UK

Nidagravel 140 gravel grids are the recommended gravel stabilisation product for creating large areas of stable and permeable gravel surfacing for heavy use applications - making Nidagravel 140 ideal for car parks.

Our Nidagravel 140 honeycomb gravel stabilisers can be used for the creation of new car parks and when used in conjunction with a permeable sub-base, requires no additional drainage measures (subject to the sub-grade). The stable, high-performance gravel surface is fully SuDS compliant and can dramatically reduce run-off in urban areas. Building sustainably, especially when it comes to car parks in our towns and cities is hugely important. 95% of rainfall in urban areas is classed as run-off compared to only 5% on agricultural land. It is not only much better for the environment to construct permeable car parks using Nidagravel 140 honeycomb stabilizers and decorative gravel, but it is also cost-effective, complies with SuDS and planning regulations and is the responsible surface option. Nidagravel 140 grids can also be used effectively for refurbishing existing car parks or re-surfacing tarmac car parks.

For further information on the design, specification and installation of permeable car parks using Nidagravel 140 gravel grids please contact Nidagravel UK sales team to discuss our range of gravel and grass stabilisers and the benefits they bring to a car park project.
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The ideal option for a permeable car park application:

  • Large public car parks with high traffic movements
  • Rural car parks and areas of natural beauty
  • Office, hotel and restaurant car parks
  • Temporary or overflow car parking
  • LGV parking bays and lorry parks