Stabilised Gravel Driveways

By Nidagravel® UK in Driveways Wednesday, June 07, 2017

We recommend Nidagravel® 130 for stabilising standard residential gravel driveways across the UK. The classic gravel driveway is perfect for modern and traditional homes and by stabilising your gravel driveway using Nidagravel® 130 honeycomb sheets, you will enjoy walking and driving on a stable gravel surface that is firm and completely permeable. The Nidagravel® 130 honeycomb sheets are the largest format sheet size available in the UK, this makes installing your gravel stabiliser quick and easy to do. There are thousands of honeycomb cells covering the surface of a typical Nidagravel® driveway that contain your gravel and keep it in place, even on slopes upto 15%. There is a good choice of decorative aggregates and gravels available to choose from in the UK for your driveway. We recommend using a 10mm size decorative aggregate to fill the Nidagravel® sheets as this settles into the 49mm diameter cells with minimal voids and compacts well. Suitable 10mm gravels include 10mm Staffordshire Pink Gravel, 10mm Golden Flint Gravel, 10mm Trent Pea Gravel and 10mm Cotswold Chippings. Each of these decorative gravels are ideal for use with Nidagravel® stabilisers and with a range of natural shades for choose from there is a suitable colour and texture of gravel for your driveway that will compliment your house and garden. Choosing a suitable edging for the perimeter of your driveway and the threshold or entrance to the driveway is also important. There are many options available, but a tumbled block paver or a natural stone sett in a contrasting or complimentary colour to your gravel surface is always a good option.

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