Hexagonal Architecture No.1

By Nidagravel« UK in Architecture & Design Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Our range of Nidagravel stabilisers are inspired by the hexgaonal form and here at Nidagravel UK we have an interest in the use of the hexagon in architecture and landscape design. Here is a great example of architectural design by the German Architects, Format Elf Architekten. Their design for the aluminum facade of these modern offices controls the amount of daylight entering the building and the hexagonal pattern was designed around the shade cast by nearby trees over the building. Not only a beautiful, visual piece of modern architectural design for the Campus Netzwork office, that incorporates the hexagon, it also connects the building to it's location and delivers an ever changing play of shadow and light to the interior. Very clever architecture. We would love to work from such beautifully designed offices!

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