Volunteers laying Nidagravel 130 Gravel Grids

By Nidagravel« UK in Landscaping Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Sue Ryder Hospice at Thorpe Hall in Peterborough have been working hard to renovate a large Victorian kitchen garden to enable the hospice to grow fresh fruit and vegetables in raised beds with access for all including wheelchair users.

After comparing products available, Sue Ryder Hospice chose Nidagravel 130 for their project after discussing the options with Nidagravel UK technical. The Nidagravel 130 stabilisation sheets were ideal for the project as the large sheet size would be quick to install over the large areas of gravel pathways. The Nidagravel sheets are also easy to install, which was another important factor as teams of volunteers, with no experience would be helping install the sheets. With this in mind, Nidagravel UK helped set the volunteers off and lay some of the first sheets to show how it should be done. The enthusiastic male and female volunteers of all ages soon got the hang of laying and filling the Nidagravel sheets with gravel already on site.

We look forward to returning soon to see how the volunteers got on and to getting some feedback from the hospice staff and users using the garden.