Honeycomb Gravel Stabilisation Sheets

By Nidagravel UK in Company News Thursday, September 03, 2020

Our gravel grids share the same cell structure as bee's honeycomb

Nidagravel 129, 130, and 140 are a range of gravel stabilisation grids or trays that hold gravel in place within the honeycomb cells. They are used extensively across the UK for paths, driveways, and car parks. These hexagonal cells are 49mm in diameter and designed to be filled with 10mm - 20mm decorative gravel or chippings. Our grids are backed with a geotextile membrane, which is thermally bonded to the underside of each grid in the factory, the honeycomb panels are 100% rainwater permeable and resistant to weed growth. Taking inspiration from nature the hexagonal cell structure of Nidagravel is the same as a bee's honeycomb, except our honeycomb is made from polypropylene and have a compressive strength over 300 - 400 tonnes per sqm depending on the product.

The strength of the honeycomb structure

Have you ever wondered why bees make honeycomb that is made of perfect hexagons or hexagonal cells? (Probably, not) But, it's actually quite interesting. Bees could make their honeycomb using triangles or squares or even circles, but they don't. They create perfect hexagonal cells, with each one being exactly the same. They do this naturally because bees know that it is the most efficient and strongest shape to use. More than 2,000 years ago, in 36 B.C., a Roman soldier/scholar/writer, Marcus Terentius Varro, proposed an answer to the question, which ever since has been called "The Honeybee Conjecture." It has now been mathematically proven by a mathematician at the University of Michigan, Thomas Hales, who solved the riddle that the geometry of this shape uses the least amount of material to hold the most weight. So if you want to create a structure that is lightweight but also incredibly strong - use a hexagon! That is why Nidagravel grids are made up of hexagonal cells, it is simply the best shape to use. The shape of our honeycomb cells is not the only thing we share with bees - the name Nidagravel (pronounced Nee-dah-gravel) comes from the French word 'nid d'abeilles' which means 'bees honeycomb'.

The Nidagravel range of honeycomb gravel stabilisation sheets are the original and best stabilisation grids available in the UK. Nidagravel gravel grids are tried and tested products, popular with small and large building and landscaping contractors throughout the UK and Europe. Manufactured by Nidaplast, the world leaders in gravel stabilisation products, for over a decade - you can be confident your Nidagravel surface will exceed your expectations.

Some of the benefits of using our honeycomb gravel grids:

  • 100% rainwater permeable gravel surface
  • Prevents potholes, ruts and banks of gravel developing
  • SuDS compliant surface
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Creates a high performance, natural gravel surface
  • Ideal for disable access and wheel chair users
  • Stabilise gravel on slopes and gradients upto 15%