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Order your Nidagravel® 129, 130 and 140 gravel stabilisation grids online securely with express delivery across the UK. Have your Nidagravel® gravel drive grids delivered direct to your home or job site in 48 hours from placing your order. Our gravel stabilisation grids are manufactured by Nidaplast, the world leaders in gravel stabilisation grid manufacture. Our driveway grids are ideal for garden designers, architects, builders, landscapers and the general public for gravel pathways, driveways, car parking, foot paths and cycle paths in any setting including private gardens, hotels, country parks, commercial spaces, offices, temporary car parks, access roads and more. The full range of Nidagravel® gravel grids is always in stock and ready to deliver - create your perfect gravel driveway, path or surface today with Nidagravel® UK.

Artificial Grass - Nidagreen 228

Artificial Grass Underlay Grid | Lightweight & Permeable
Nidagreen® 228 is a large format sheet of plastic honeycomb cells designed as an underlay for artifical grass installations and a light weight, permeable build-up layer for roofs gardens.


Gravel Grid - Nidagravel 129

Gravel Stabilisation Grids for Pathways
Nidagravel® 129 is a small format sheet of plastic honeycomb cells designed for stabilising gravel surfaces including patios, garden paths, seating areas and small driveways.


Gravel Grid - Nidagravel 130

Gravel Stabilisation Grids for Driveways
Nidagravel® 130 large format honeycomb gravel stabilisers are ideal for stabilising large areas of gravel including pathways and patios. It is the recommended product for medium to large residential gravel driveways.


Gravel Grid - Nidagravel 140

Gravel Stabilisation Grids for Driveways & Car Parks
Nidagravel® 140 large format honeycomb gravel stabilisers are ideal for creating stable and permeable gravel surfaces suitable for heavy use including driveways, car parks, public spaces and pedestrian walkways.