Gravel Garden and Driveway Ideas INSPIRATION GALLERY

Lots of gorgeous gravel paths, gardens, patios, driveways and more to inspire your next project.

Gravel is probably one of the most useful and popular materials for gardens, paths and driveways in the UK and with good reason - it is a very versatile material, that suits modern and contemporary garden designs and makes an attractive driveway surface. Gravel comes in a range of interesting textures and colours, provides a free draining surface that fits any size or shape and is quick and easy to install. The photos in our 'Inspire' gallery are intended to provide ideas and inspiration for using gravel generally. The images are from a selection of both Nidagravel grid projects and various garden designers and landscape contractors work (we make no claim that Nidagravel grids have been used in every project shown below - this gallery is about inspiration and getting creative with gravel). To see Nidagravel products in action take a look at our gravel grid gallery which shows the different uses for Nidagravel 129, 130 & 140 grids.

We love how garden designers and architects use gravel in their projects to change how a garden or outdoor space feels. By using different types and different colours of decorative gravel, designers can create contrasting surface textures or combine the colour pallet of hard landscaping materials to create a harmonious look. Designers use gravel in both contemporary and traditional settings. A traditional golden gravel driveway edged with natural stone setts is the ideal surface to choose for a property in a rural setting in say Northamptonshire or Oxfordshire, whereas grey granite chippings with silver granite edgings and black limestone paving might be the ideal choice for a stylish modern property. The great thing about gravel is its versatility and it works so well in so many garden design styles including beachside gardens, Japanese gardens, formal topiary gardens and of course the gravel driveway - you really can't go wrong using gravel as the surface for your driveway, especially when it is stabilised with Nidagravel grids which ensure that it will always be simple to maintain and a pleasure to use.

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