Nidagravel® 130 - Honeycomb Gravel Stabilisation Grids

Nidagravel® 130 gravel stabilization grids hold loose gravel in place permanently within a system of honeycomb cells, which are supplied in a large format sheet size for fast installation, enabling our gravel stabilisers to be used for a wide range of applications. Nidagravel® 130 is designed to stabilize both small and large areas of gravel which have 'light to medium use'. When we refer to the term 'light to medium use', we essentially mean non-commercial applications. Nidagravel® 130 is usually installed in a residential setting and is suitable for regular or everyday use by cars, 4x4's and vans as well as the occasional use by heavy trucks and HGVs (for example - when a large vehicle makes a delivery to your home). The term 'light to medium use' would also include pedestrian, push bike and wheelchair use. Nidagravel® grids are designed to be an invisible gravel stabiliser. The grids are filled to the top and then overfilled with a thin layer of gravel so that all you see is a natural and attractive gravel surface.

Therefore the main application for Nidagravel® 130 gravel stabilisation grids are residential/domestic driveways and we regularly recommend Nidagravel® 130 this application. In addition to our gravel grids preventing potholes and ruts from developing, Nidagravel® 130 can gravel effectively stabilise gravel on sloping driveways of up to 15% with minimal gravel migration, which is an important factor for driveways in the UK, as many gravel driveways have some degree of slope either towards or away from the property. When the driveway gradient is 15% or close to this, we recommend using our higher specification gravel grid, Nidagravel® 140, which is even more robust and holds a greater volume of gravel. Nidagravel® 130 gravel grid dimensions in the UK are 1.2m wide x 2m long, with each grid covering 2.4 square meters. The high coverage per sheet makes Nidagravel® 130 quick to install and large gravel driveways can be laid quickly, which is one of the reasons Nidagravel® driveways are such a cost-effective option. The large format sheets are also lightweight and can be moved around on site easily by one person making Nidagravel grids suitable for DIY installation for smaller spaces. Nidagravel® 130 gravel grids are 30mm thick with a 45 gsm weed membrane bonded to the underside of the honeycomb grids in production. This thickness of grid is sufficiently strong for its intended application with a compressive strength in excess of 300 tonnes per square meter.


Use Nidagravel® 130 for the following applications:
  • Residential driveways (We recommend Nidagravel 130 for residential driveways as standard)
  • Creation of additional parking or temporary parking areas
  • Large expanses of gravel
  • Large or long garden paths
  • Cycleways and pedestrian walkways

  • Benefits of Nidagravel® 130:
  • Provides a stable and firm gravel surface
  • Wheelchair friendly gravel surface
  • Stabilise gravel on slopes up to 15%
  • Ideal surface for disabled access
  • 100% Free draining
  • SuDS compliant surface
  • Low maintenance gravel surface
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Attractive and natural path or driveway surface

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