Gravel Stabilisation Grids For Driveways NIDAGRAVEL 130 APPLICATIONS
Honeycomb Gravel Stabilisation Sheets
Nidagravel 130 holds gravel in place permanently within honeycomb cells in a large format sheet size and can be used for a broad range of applications. Nidagravel 130 was designed for stabilising large areas of gravel with light to medium use. By light use, we mean pedestrian, push bike and occasional car use in residential or commercial use. By medium use we mean regular use by cars and vans and occasional use by LGV's in a residential setting. The main application for Nidagravel 130 that falls into this category is the residential driveway. We recommend Nidagravel 130 extensively for driveway applications. In addition to preventing pot holes and ruts from developing, Nidagravel 130 stabilises gravel on slopes of up to 15% with minimal gravel migration, which is an important factor for driveways in the UK, as many gravel driveways have some degree of slope either towards or away from the property. The sheet dimensions are 1.2m wide x 2.4m long. Which is 2.88 sqm per sheet. With each sheet covering almost 3 sqm, Nidagravel 130 is quick to install and large areas can be covered quickly. These large format sheets are also lightweight and can be moved around on site easily by one person. In addition to residential driveways, Nidagravel 130 can be used for both private and commercial applications, DIYers and professionals. Nidagravel 130 is 30mm thick with a 45 gsm membrane bonded to the underside of the honeycomb in the factory. This thickness is sufficiently strong for its application and reduces the quantity of gravel and therefore time required for the fill the sheets, compared with Nidagravel 140 or 40mm thick honeycomb stabilisers.

Use Nidagravel 130 for the following applications:
  • Residential driveways (This is the main application of Nidagravel 130)
  • Creation of additional parking or temporary parking areas
  • Large expanses of gravel
  • Large or long garden paths
  • Cycleways and pedestrian walkways

  • Benefits of Nidagravel 130:
  • Provides a stable and firm gravel surface
  • Wheelchair friendly gravel surface
  • Stabilise gravel on slopes upto 15%
  • Ideal surface for disabled access
  • 100% Free draining
  • SuDS compliant surface
  • Low maintenance gravel surface
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Attractive and natural path surface

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