Geoflow BL Drainage Mesh - (100 SQM)

Geospacer & Bi-Lateral Drainage Mesh
Geoflow creates a space to enable the drainage of roofs and non-porous surfaces. Allows rainwater to flow underneath Nidaroof blue roofing panels and Nidagreen or Nidasport artificial grass drainage grids to reach drainage outlets.

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GEOFLOW bi-lateral drainage mesh is designed to be used beneath the Nidaroof blue roofing system and our Nidagreen and Nidasport artificial grass underlay when installing the system on a flat roof or non-permeable surface or sub-base. Geoflow is used to create a space where rainwater can flow freely underneath the surfacing layer to reach drainage outlets. Geoflow drainage mesh comprises of twin HDPE strands manufactured in a bi-lateral lattice to allow drainage in all directions. Each strand is 2mm thick, giving a thickness of approx 4mm overall with a geotextile bonded to the underside for stability. Supplied in 2m wide rolls, Geoflow is quick and simple to install. It is simply rolled out over the base surface and cut to fit, prior to installing Nidaroof, Nidagreen, or Nidasport. With a very high drainage capacity, Geoflow ensures that rainwater can flow beneath the surface layers to reach the drainage outlets, even in heavy rainfall.

Heavy rainfall conditions are when the combination of Geoflow and Nidagreen or Nidasport really makes a dramatic difference to the drainage of artificial grass surfaces. The high flow rate of Geoflow ensures high volumes of rainwater reach the drainage outlets quickly. Nidagreen and Nidasport drainage panels can also attenuate some rainwater within their cells, which is then released gradually. This helps to ensure rainwater drainage systems are not overwhelmed during periods of heavy rainfall. A major benefit is that the artificial grass surface can still be used even in wet conditions and the synthetic turf surface can dry quickly. Elevating the artificial turf above the sub-base and optimising drainage, also results in the rubber or sand-infill drying more quickly, which can help prevent associated problems with permanently wet infill dressings which can be the cause of algae and moss growth.

Geoflow and flat roofs or roof gardens
Protect the roof waterproofing layer with Geoflow and Nidagreen artificial grass underlay. Lightweight sheets of Nidagreen can be laid in a single layer for artificial grass to be applied directly on top. Multiple layers of Nidagreen can be used to build up levels using lightweight, free-draining sheets that will not add excessive weight to the roof structure. With Geoflow used underneath, rainwater can be easily directed to the roof drainage points.

Geoflow and non-porous surfaces
Combining Nidagreen or Nidasport synthetic turf underlay with Geoflow drainage mesh enables the cost-effective re-surfacing of paving, tarmac, concrete, asphalt, resin bound, and other hard landscaped surfaces with artificial grass. Nidagreen can be used in gardens and on landscaping projects to create a new high-performance artificial grass surface, or over decking, paved areas, and other non-porous surfaces, which would normally need to be removed or excavated. Nidasport is the solution creating new and re-surfacing existing sports surfaces including football and rugby pitches, tennis courts, and Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs). Ideal for professional sports clubs, associations, leisure centres, local clubs, and schools.

  • GEOFLOW Bi-Lateral Drainage Mesh
  • For use with Nidagreen and Nidasport artificial grass underlay
  • Enables the drainage of artificial grass on flat roofs and roof gardens
  • Enables the drainage of artificial grass on non-porous surfaces
  • Allows rainwater to flow easily to drainage outlets
  • Very high drainage capacity / flow rate
  • Easy and quick to install system offering a cost-effective solution
  • Product ID: Geoflow
  • Roll dimensions: 2m wide x 50m long
  • Roll coverage: 100 sqm per roll
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Weight per sqm: 0.6 kg per sqm
  • Weight per roll: 60 kg per roll
  • Bi-Lateral Mesh: Black (HDPE)
  • Geotextile: White, heat bonded, needled, non-woven
  • Product ID Geoflow
    Function Drainage mesh for use with Nidagreen and Nidasport
    Enables drainage of roof gardens and artificial grass surfaces on flat roofs and balconies
    Enables drainage of non-porous concrete and tarmac surfaces
    Very high drainage capacity
    Raw Material High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
    Twin lines which crossover at 60 degrees
    Membranes Heat bonded, needled, non-woven geotextile
    Single layer bonded to the underside
    Durability Excellent resistance to chemical substances
    Highly resistant to aggressive products
    Highly resistant to micro-organisms and rodents
    Excellent UV Resistance
    • Code: - NIDAGF100
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    • Brand: - Nidaplast - more
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