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When you need to stabilise your sloping gravel driveway or garden path - Nidagravel grids really do make the difference!

Whether it's a pathway around your home, a new gravel driveway, a visitor centre, walkways in a nature reserve, the entrance to a hotel, the display area of a car dealership, a grand designs project, a commercial project, a car park or a housing development. Wherever you are planning to use a gravel surface using Nidagravel gravel stabilisation grids makes perfect sense. Our range of Nidagravel 129, 130 and 140 gravel grids, all hold gravel in place permanently within a honeycomb cell structure to ensure that your gravel surface not only looks great but is also a pleasure to use. A Nidagravel gravel surface is easy to walk across and drive over and will never develop a pothole or a rut. The gravel surface is 100% free-draining too, along with a range of other benefits.

In our news section, you can watch Kevin McCloud walk across a Nidagravel gravel grid driveway that was supplied to a Grand Designs project in Richmond and read about the DIY SOS projects that we have supplied so far. Our gravel stabilisation system has been given many different names over the years by customers including Nidagrid and Nidacell and our gravel grids are often referred to as geocells, gravel trays, gravel mats, drivegrid, cellular gravel, honeycomb grids and driveway trays to name but a few. Nidagravel gravel grids are used by landscapers, builders, developers, and DIYers across the country, and with so many Nidagravel grid projects being completed each year in the UK, we can't feature them all. But we hope that you will find a range of interesting articles to read that show how and where Nidagravel is used.

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