Stabilise Your Sloping Gravel Driveway

By Nidagravel® UK in Driveways 16 June 2017

Prevent gravel moving on a sloping driveway.
Nidagravel is the original and best system for stabilising gravel on a slope, developed over a decade ago by Nidaplast, world leaders in gravel stabilisation. Nidagravel 130 and 140 honeycomb gravel stabilisers or driveway grids are the best way to hold gravel in place on steep or sloping driveways and Nidagravel UK supply the largest format sheet size of honeycomb stabiliser available in the UK.

So how does Nidagravel work and why is it so effective?
Each sheet of Nidagravel 130 and 140 contain over a thousand hexagonal cells. Each cell is 49mm in diameter. The gravel is held in place within each cell which prevents the gravel from moving. On the underside of each sheet a membrane is attached during production, this prevents gravel moving under the sheets and reduces weed growth. The sheets are then covered with a 10 - 20mm covering of gravel to hide the sheets and this surface layer of gravel sits on top of the gravel in the cells with very low movement of migration.

This system effectively prevents the movement of gravel on a sloping driveway and can be used on any slope and camber of driveway upto approximately 15% (1:6.67) without any problem. In addition to this, Nidagravel sheets are designed to be flexible, this enables the sheets to follow the contours of the ground, slope, or driveway. For more detailed information about using Nidagravel on a gradient or slope and to use our 'Gradient Calculator' click here.

  • Stabilisation of gravel on slopes upto 15% or 1 in 6.67
  • Very low gravel migration
  • Honeycomb sheets provide firm surface to drive on
  • Surface provides good traction
  • Prevents ruts and pot holes developing
  • 100% Free draining
  • Quick and easy to install