Artificial Grass - Nidagreen 228

Artificial Grass Underlay Grid | Lightweight & Permeable
Nidagreen® 228 is a large format sheet of plastic honeycomb cells designed as an underlay for artifical grass installations and a light weight, permeable build-up layer for roofs gardens.

£12.99 per m2 + VAT

Cost per sheet: £37.41 + VAT (sheet size is 2.88m2)
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NIDAGREEN® 228 are lightweight, honeycomb sheets designed to be used as an underlay for artificial grass installations. The sheets can be used as a replacement for sub-base material in traditional artificial grass installations and offer a number of benefits to both artificial grass installers and installations of artificial grass. For artificial grass installers - Nidagreen® 228 is lightweight and easy to handle, which speeds up installation times. Nidagreen® 228 is also easy to lay, requiring no specialist tools and can be cut to fit any angle of curve. Nidagreen® 228 can be used with any edging system and allows artificial grass to be bonded directly to the sheets, as required. Nidagreen 228 can also be used in conjunction with shock pads and other artificial grass accessories.

For all artificial grass installations, Nidagreen® 228 offers a number of benefits which improve the performance of the artificial grass lawn. Nidagreen® 228 provides a barrier between the artificial grass itself and the ground, which keeps the artificial grass much drier. It is completely free draining and in periods of heavy rainfall, Nidagreen will hold a certain volume of water, which it will release slowly, thus improving drainage. Nidagreen® 228 also offers a certain amount of shock absorbtion, which improves how the artificial grass surface feels when walking across the surface and using the lawn. It can also be used with shock pads, where these are required for sports or play areas. View our installation videos to find out more and see how it's done.

Whatever artificial grass product you install, including Namgrass, iGrass, Evergreen, LazyLawn, Trulawn, Perfectly Green, Easigrass and all other major brands. Combine your artificial grass with Nidagreen® 228 for the ultimate artificial grass lawn.

  • NIDAGREEN® 228
  • Invented, designed, tested and manufactured by Nidaplast
  • Honeycomb underlay grid for artificial grass installations
  • Use as a lightweight build-up layer for roof gardens
  • Lightweight extruded polypropolene (PP) sheets with 8mm cells
  • Allows artificial grass to be bonded directly to the underlay
  • Use as a sub-base replacement for faster installation
  • Can be used in conjunction with shock pads
  • NIDAGREEN® 228
  • Sheet dimensions: 2.4m x 1.2m x 28mm (L x W x H)
  • Sheet coverage: 2.88 sqm per sheet
  • Sheet thickness: 28mm
  • Sheet weight: 2.6 kg per sqm
  • Sheet weight: 7.5 kg per sheet
  • Sheet colour: Translucent white
  • Diameter of honeycombs: 8 mm
  • Pressure Resistance: 120 tonnes
  • Void percentage: 95%
  • Water storage: 26 litres per sqm (maximum)
  • Shock absorption: Approx 10%
  • Product NIDAGREEN® 228
    Function Artificial grass underlay
    Artificial grass sub-base replacement
    Lightweight build-up layer for roof gardens
    Raw Material Copolymer polypropolene
    30% recycled PP
    70% high quality PP
    Membranes Non-woven polyester fibre
    Twin layer (thermally bonded)
    Mass Approx 2.6 kg per sqm
    Approx 7.5 kg per sheet
    Strength Under compression / Load bearing
    In accordance with ISO 844
    Pressure Resistance 120 tonnes
    Durability Excellent resistance to chemical substances
    Highly resistant to aggressive products
    Highly resistant to micro organisms and rodents
    Excellent UV Resistance
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